FleepBot: Pricing, Promo Codes, and Discounts

Fleep - Smart сhatbot builder for business.

How much does Fleep cost?

Posting Bot (a 21-day free trial)
1 month - 2.99$
3 months - 6.99$ (2,33$ per month)
6 months - 12.99$ (2,16$ per month)
12 months - 23.99$ (1,99$ per month)

Note: The price indicated is for one channel.

The feedback bot is free of charge but it has a brand watermark "This bot has been
created with @FleepBot" in the first post. The watermark will disappear if you switch
to the paid subscription.
There are three ways to use FleepBot for free

There are three ways to use Fleep for free:
⚡️ Your channel has less than 1,000 followers
⚡️ You've just created a posting bot: the first 21 days are free of charge
⚡️ If you invite your friends and coworkers to Fleep, you can pay for the subscription
with your loyalty points. To learn more about our partner program, send /partners to the posting bot.

We offer three types of discounts. All discounts are cumulative!

1. Discount for long-term subscription: the longer is the subscription you pay for, the cheaper is a month of use. Just like this:

1 month - 2.99$ per month
3 months - 2,33$ per month (6.99$)
6 months - 2,16$ per month (12.99$)
12 months - 1,99$ per month (23.99$)

2. Discount for number of channels: the more channels you connect at a time, the larger is your discount. Just like this:

— 1 to 3 channels – no extra discount
— 4-5 channels - 10% discount
— 6-7 channels - 15% discount
— 8-10 channels - 20% discount
— 11 or more channels - 25% discount

3. Cumulative discount: the more you spend on Fleep, the less you pay to use it. This is how the system of cumulative discounts looks like:

— spend 15$ or more on the service and get a 5% discount
— 45$ - 7% discount
— 150$ - 10% discount
— 300$ - 15% discount
— 500$ - 20% discount

Note: The price indicated is for one channel.

Promo codes

On special occasions, but not very often, we post promo codes in our @fleepnews
channel. Promo codes can be used for a limited number of times, so it is important that you activate them on time (just send them to Fleep or your scheduled posting bot).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them at @FleepSupportBot and we will answer them shortly.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here @FleepHelp_Bot - we will answer you very soon!