Variables for bot

List of variables that can be used in business bots
In, you can insert certain constructs into the text that are automatically turned into the necessary information and shown to your users.

Example: if you insert the construction% name% into the text, then the bot will start addressing the user by name. For example, "Hello,% name%" will turn into "Hello, Dmitry" (the name will be automatically pulled from the username).

This function can be used in any part of the business bot, thus making it more personalized and flexible.
Complete list of variables
%name% - users name
%id% - user ID
%date% - date of user registration in the bot in the format "04/29/2020 19:05:12"
%h% - current hour by MSK (two-digit number)
%m% - current minute by MSK (two-digit number)
%s% - current MSK second (two-digit number)
%day% - today's number by MSK (two-digit number)
%month% - month number (two-digit number)
%year% - year (four-digit number)
%usd% - dollar to ruble exchange rate
%eur% - euro to ruble rate
%btc% - Bitcoin rate in dollars
%eth% - Ethereum rate in dollars
%bnb% - Binance Coin rate in dollars
%ada% - Cardano rate in dollars
%doge% - Dogecoin rate in dollars
%xrp% - XRP rate in dollars
%ltc% - Litecoin rate in dollars
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